Hamlet was the Prince of Denmark.
His father, the king, was dead.



Two months after his death, Hamlet's mother,

Gertrude, married Claudius, her dead husband's brother.



Then Claudius became king.



Claudius was a bad man, but Gertrude didn't know this.
"Clausius always wanted to be king," the people of Denmark said. "Hamlet is the true king after his father's death. But Claudius didn't want that. That's why he married Queen Gertrude."


Hamlet loved his dead father and he was very sad after his death. He became tried of the world and everything in it. He knew that there was something strange about his father's death. But he couldn't prove anything.


He was also unhappy about his mother's marriage.
"How can my mother forget my dear father so quickly?" he thought. "he loved her very much; he was a wonderful husband to her and an excellent father to me. But only two months after his death, she's married my uncle!"


Claudius tried many times to  become friends with Hamlet. He wanted Hamlet to like him.

"Hamlet, you're like a son to me," he said."Why are you still unhappy"









『死は眠りに過ぎぬ』《「ハムレット」W.Shakespeare》 『生は寝不足に過ぎない、のか?』《i_pay_san》







to be or not to  be  (生とタナトスの拮抗)